An Apple a Day


Why you should start consuming Apple Cider Vinegar

Professional athletes, fitness experts—even top models have it.  It’s a physique so phenomenally lean, long, glowing, and strong, that you may have asked yourself how they got that way.  Of course, a diet low in sugar, maximized in nutrient dense vegetables, and high in organic meats, plays a leading role in the way they look (and feel!).  However, a good number of these individuals have likely tapped into an age-old secret that many in the natural health industry compare to the fountain of youth.

Apple Cider Vinegar

People across the planet have been using this secret weapon for years, but many are still unaware of the serious benefits that come from incorporating apple cider vinegar into a daily health routine.  The golden vinegar, best in its purest form (raw, cloudy, unfiltered and organic)(1), is known for its ability to alkalize acidic pH levels and detoxify the body. Just two tablespoons of the liquid on a daily basis can help to cleanse impurities in the body and prevent disease.(2)

Acidity is bad, Alkalinity is good

When individuals ingest high levels of acidic products like coffee, red wine, cheese, or certain types of meats on a regular basis, pH levels can become acidic.  Other causes of acidity aren’t necessarily from ingested foods or drinks.  If you are under high levels of stress or experiencing extreme negative emotions, body systems become acidic.  Skin looks stale and we appear weak, because our system has depleted its natural alkaline reserves.  When your body is acidic, it is working much harder to neutralize pH levels. Severe acidity over time causes your vital organs to become dangerously vulnerable.

Such internal weaknesses rob us of the natural, youthful glow to which we all have access.  Research has shown that when pH levels remain acidic over time, our internal system is placed at risk for serious problems like obesity, kidney and bladder problems, diabetes, and even cancer.(2)

Apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic. It is fascinating then, that when we consume it, the agent is capable of alkalizing acidic pH levels in the body.(3) The vinegar contains potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which when consumed, each form compounds in the body that turn acidic body fluids alkaline. Studies show that the compound also acts as a buffer, because acetic acid reacts with base or acid compounds in order to create acetate (an alkaline form), which renders the agent bioavailable and alkaline.(4)

When your body is in an alkalized state, your pH levels are balanced.(3)  This is key in maintaining a disease-free internal body system, and a healthy lifestyle.

De-bloat and Detoxify, Naturally

If you take a trip to your local drugstore, you might find several over the counter remedies that are meant to de-bloat or detoxify your system.  These options generally contain countless ingredients that are simply a bandage for the real issue.  Drugstore options are mainly quick fixes.  Over time, they are hard on the organs and cause more harm than good.

Apple cider vinegar is a clean, safe and consistent method of detoxification.(3)  Instead of choosing a quick fix that will only leave you feeling more bloated, incorporate the vinegar into your diet daily, to gently detoxify the system. This method will cleanse the body in a holistic manner.

The vinegar gently restores the digestive system, increases metabolic rates, reduces impurities in the skin, helps to detoxify the liver, and balances internal systems because of its known alkalizing properties.(2)

Daily Apple Cider Vinegar – It’s Simple

Instagram_Apple-Vinegar-DressingAlkalizing Apple Vinegar Dressing

Whisk together the fresh, sweet and spicy ingredients of this recipe and splash them on your green salad at your leisure.

Instagram_Apple-Cider-ElixirApple Cider Elixir

Sip this steaming elixir in the morning or before bed to boost your metabolism, clear your skin, alkalize the body, and release impurities.

 Instagram_GingerSwitchelGinger Switchel

Try this powerful detox punch is great for summer! Also known “Haymaker’s Punch” as it’s popular at harvest time too.

Apple Cider Immunity Shot

Drink a quick shot of 1-4 tbsp apple cider vinegar for detoxification and immune system support.

Apple Cider Cleanser

Before organic shampoos and facial cleansers were found in abundance in health food stores, there was apple cider vinegar!  Most of these products continue to include it in their ingredients.

Simply use the vinegar in its purest form to cleanse the skin, face, and hair.  It pulls impurities from the skin, tones the skin, and removes buildup from the hair.  Simply set aside 2-4 tablespoons (or more) and use it as a cleanser.

An Apple a Day

These quick tips don’t take much, so try incorporating a couple of them into your routine, and notice the benefits on your health. Pinterest_An-Apple-a-Day

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