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Fitness Boutiques in London, Ontario to Try in 2019

If you’re already someone who enjoys eating well and staying active or you’re just getting into fitness, 2019 is the perfect time to start fresh. As London keeps growing in size, so do our number of gyms. Gone are the days of large chain gyms being the only option for getting in a good workout. Now, there is a variety of smaller or privately- and locally-owned fitness boutiques that have popped up all over London, offering a variety of different styles of workouts. Check out the list below to discover which one (or two) might be best for you!


ANDFIT  is a women’s only fitness and training studio that offers a wide range of personalized classes. After having her children, Andrea Merucci, owner of ANDFIT, struggled to find the right postpartum fitness classes. She wanted to create an uplifting and supportive environment from women on all fitness journeys, in all life stages, including women without children, women who are pregnant and women who are in postpartum. I actually learned of ANDFIT by seeing a good friend achieve awesome results with Andrea after birthing her third child in 4 years! There is a class for everyone including circuit and strength classes, barbell classes, stroller boot camps, Baby and Tot friendly classes and more. This fitness studio takes a holistic approach to fitness and ANDFIT’s ultimate goal is for women to discover the best versions of themselves, no matter what their story is!

BPM Fitness

Owned and operated by my friend and colleague, Colin Jackson, BPM Fitness provides a friendly, supportive, and comfortable atmosphere with welcoming fitness trainers who keep you motivated and inspired. BPM is located right on Dundas Street in the developing core of our city, soon to be transformed further into Dundas Place. In BPM’s boutique and personal environment, you can join their HIIT Bootcamp to experience their signature fitness formula that helps you burn calories long after your workout is done. This high-intensity burn, build, and bike interval workout designed to help you build lean muscle, combining functional movements, bodyweight exercises, and high-intensity spin classes. If you’re looking for a one-on-one experience, BPM also offers a customized workout program designed to keep you accountable. Being right in the core, they have quick lunchtime workout options.

Byron Fitness

I’ve known Michelle Westgarth for a number of years and was thrilled to learn that she opened Byron Fitness, London’s newest small boutique fitness, conveniently located in the growing west end. Michelle’s team specializes in analyzing your body and creating a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. By taking the time to understand what your needs are, they create an individualized fitness plan to help you reach success. Bryon Fitness offers a variety of different classes, from group classes perfect for entry level to 30-minute HIIT classes for that busy schedule! They will work with you to change your view on fitness so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle.

Combine Fitness

Combine Fitness, located in North London, is my own gym. I’ve been a member since 2010! Owned by Steven Mati, Combine offers a variety of different training options including group training, high-performance athlete training, youth fitness, personal and team training, and combine camps. Their hour-long group training sessions focus on performance improvement and achievement through balance, strength, and movement. Combine Fitness offers over 40 unlimited group classes per week, making it easier for you to find the best workout class that suits your schedule (I like to mix up Strength classes with Core, TRX, and movement classes.) This London gym also offers a variety of health and fitness assessments such as a Cardio Profile, which involves taking a snapshot of your metabolism to create a workout routine that’s customized to your needs and ability. Plus, check out their Sports Performance Nutritional Consulting, Custom Olympic Speed Training Programs, and so much more! Maybe I will see you there!

CrossFit London

CrossFit London is a positive environment where you can be surrounded by positive, hard-working and like-minded people who encourage you to do your best. Owned by Dave Henry, CrossFit London combines the hands-on and customized elements of personal training and CrossFit with the support of a small group environment.  These challenging and rewarding classes are catered to where you are at in your fitness journey and the experienced coaches will ensure your technique and movements are accurate to get the most out of your experience and motivating you to make continued progress!

Forest City CrossFit

Forest City CrossFit is a community where the goal is for their members to prioritize their health. Whatever your fitness level, this is the place where you can use your own body weight to discover your capabilities and strength, you may not have known you had! At Forest City CrossFit you will quickly discover the benefits of CrossFit including endurance, stamina, strength, coordination, power, speed and more. These small group classes are led by an experienced coach and you can expect to be exposed to programming that is always different and focused on developing your ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly.

Hi-Ignition Fit Lab

Hi-Ignition is a boutique-style fitness studio located in downtown London, Ontario, that specializes in personal training, indoor spin/cycle, small group fitness, and recovery classes. My friend, April Crake, opened Hi-Ignition to feature small classes and a fun atmosphere. Hi-Ignition is the perfect place to try a unique workout to challenge yourself and have fun doing it. Define your muscles and build strength at a barre class, get your heart pumping with Metafit™ high-intensity interval training, or wind down and focus your energy during yoga. April’s team of fitness professionals deliver a ton of original, hard-hitting workouts that are sure to keep you in your best shape!

Hybrid Fitness

Hybrid Fitness’ mission is to give you everything you need to succeed along your health and fitness journey. Their state-of-the-art facility, expert trainers, and varied fitness programs give you a completely customized approach to fitness. I’m astounded by the culture that Hybrid has created — this may be something that will you’ll enjoy as a member there, as well as better health. Their fitness facility is a 15,000 square foot space, complete with the absolute best equipment, atmosphere, and coaching staff. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Hybrid Fitness has you covered. (You’d think this style of workout would cater only to younger Crossfitters, but I’ve had good friends attend in their 50’s and 60’s and thrive on the Hybrid workouts.) The gym’s personal training program offers one-on-one coaching, group training sessions help you set and achieve new goals, and their weight loss program is customized to meet your needs and goals. They are also opening a brand new facility in early 2019!

Hyde Park Fit Body Boot Camp

If you’ve followed what I preach in my book Align Your Health, and through my seminars teaching MaxLiving, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of HIIT — high-intensity interval training! Hyde Park Fit Body Boot Camp was started by my friends, Shannon, and Dave Giovanniello, as well as Chris and Leigh Ann Gougoulias; they are two couples with a passion and love for fitness and healthy lifestyles. They’ve created a challenging and rewarding 30-minute boot camp for any experience level. Hyde Park Fit Body Boot Camp is more than just a gym. These fun and high-energy boot camps include a combination of HIIT and Active Rest Training to keep your body burning calories well after your workout, leading to maximum results.

MVMT Strength

A relative newcomer to the core, MVMT Strength provides a positive, uplifting atmosphere perfect for beginners and athletes alike. They believe that a balanced lifestyle and managing yourself the right way outside of the gym and a personalized fitness routine inside the gym is what drives performance. Co-owner Will Hogen is one of the most well-rounded athletes you’ll ever see achieving feats with his body on Instagram — let this be an inspiration to you to achieve what you never thought was possible! Human MVMT classes are dedicated to pushing the boundaries on our knowledge of the human body and redefining the practice of fitness. The personalized training and small classes let you focus on perfecting your technique and form to ensure you get the most of out your workout.


Started by a former trainer of mine, Jakob Fowler, and his partner, OEVFITNESS is one of London’s newest fitness boutiques, located in London’s up-and-coming Old East Village. I can tell you from experience that Jacob is one of the most encouraging trainers I know! OEVFITNESS offers an array of services to help you reach success such as cross-fit training classes, nutrition guidance, accountability promotion, and personal training. OEV is more than a gym — it’s an experience. With regular six-week challenges, OEV’s educated and passionate staff provide personalized and specific feedback to help you not only transform your fitness routine but also to help you create a healthy lifestyle from the ground up.  


Rev3k is lead by Leija Koeman, whose ultimate goal is to redefine fitness and create an environment that encourages an all over lifestyle change. Rev3k offers an array of classes including spin, yoga, core, and circuit training classes that are all a complete body workout. As a past Olympian, Leija Koeman has created these classes based on her previous training concepts which are modern circuit training, anaerobic pathways and metabolic conditioning.


Revkor is a completely different kind of boutique fitness and is considered an industry game changer. Founded by my colleague Ange Rivard, with its emphasis on resistance-band training, the fitness instructors create workouts with a range of movements inspired by yoga, functional fitness, and interval training. The Revkor workout allows you to build muscle and lose weight. You’ll get more out of this workout than you ever thought was possible with the type of equipment provided (including your own body). If you love high-intensity fitness, they have classes that incorporate plyometrics, strength training, and intense cardio that will make you work hard and sweat.

The Make It Happen Project

The Make It Happen Project is led by fitness guru, Sarah Cousins, who ultimately wanted to create a positive studio where she could be a part of helping people help themselves. The Make it Happen Project is for women who needed that extra push, can come to sweat, make a change and accomplish their fitness goals. Located in the Western Fair Market, this studio offers classes that run in 6-week blocks that include a range of small group classes, HIIT, stretch classes, open gym hours.

West London CrossFit

Established by my friends and fellow chiropractors, Drs. Rachelle and Kreso Jug and Joel Richards, West London CrossFit provides a fun, inclusive, and motivational atmosphere and gives its members all the tools they need to succeed. Crossfit is a model of training varied functional movements performed at high intensity and WLCF provides personalized programs, seminars, coaching, and specialized classes. Unlike most gyms, West London CrossFit has no workout machines — you will, however, find kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, sleds, and lots of open space for running, jumping, climbing, lifting, and throwing.

Did I miss any? Our city is growing and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve left some off this list. Let me know in the comments if there are any local gyms you’d like to see added to this list, and I’ll update this page as often as possible!

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