5 Local Food Delivery Services In London, Ontario That Bring Organic To Your Doorstep

local food delivery in london with organic vegetables on a table

The rising trend of meal delivery services has caused a saturation of new online businesses promising prepared meals delivered to your home. Outsourcing your meal prep may seem like the fastest and most convenient option, however, choosing the right food delivery service for your needs can seem overwhelming. Keep reading as I break down local meal delivery companies that are serving up healthy meals to the London, Ontario area.

On The Move Organics

On The Move Organics is a fresh food delivery service based in London, Ontario. On The Move delivers food from local farms and artisans, with options varying from prepared soups to organic produce, dairy, meat, and seafood. Choose one of their Organic Boxes for a pre-selected bundle of local produce or personalize your experience by purchasing products individually.

Mama Earth Organics

Mama Earth Organics, an online grocery shopping experience, delivers local organic produce to your door. Mama Earth is a certified B Corporation — a community using business as a force for good. Support your local farmers and order fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, and more; Mama Earth is on a mission to source 60% of their food locally. Some prepared meals, salads, snacks, and side dishes are also available.


Organic Freezer

Organic Freezer delivers top quality meat and seafood from reputable established farmers and fisheries. As a partner with Ontario Certified Organic farms, Organic Freezer offers local, organic meat and poultry that are raised in humane conditions without hormones, growth stimulants, or antibiotics.

Fresh City Farms

From sourcing from organic farms to packing in reusable bags, Fresh City Farms is a healthy food delivery service supporting organic, seasonal diets. Nutritionist-designed meal kits and prepared meals are made from scratch daily, taking the guesswork out of healthy eating. Organic produce, groceries, meal kits, and a variety of prepared meals are all available for delivery right to your door in the GTA area. If you are in London, you can still take advantage of the meal kits by ordering to one of the Fresh City Pickup Hubs. 


Balanced Chef

Balanced Chef is a meal delivery service on a mission to create healthy and convenient meals for busy families and individuals. Working with local farmers and businesses, Balanced Chef sources all produce and protein locally, seasonally, and sustainably.


Healthy Eats

Healthy Eats delivers prepared meals for a variety of dietary restrictions, with gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan options. Healthy Eats was founded by my friend and colleague, Luke Thomas, who is also a trainer at Combine Fitness, which I’ve featured in other articles on my site. Healthy Eats uses organic and grass-fed meat from local farmers and organic produce wherever possible. Healthy Eats makes delicious, healthy meals easy by providing nutrient-dense meals that are locally sourced and freshly prepared.


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local food delivery in london with organic vegetables on a table

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