Grilled Zucchini

Grilled Zucchini or Summer Squash

Grilled Zucchini, or any summer squash, is a quick and delicious side dish that everyone is sure to enjoy, and incredibly easy to make. Three simple ingredients will make this flavourful recipe pair perfectly with your favourite BBQ’d meats (I recommend chicken), or a great addition to a platter of grilled vegetables (eggplant, tomatoes, green onions, green beans, or what’s new at the market or coming out of your garden), or serve it year-round next to your favourite main dish.

Grilled Zucchini or Summer Squash Recipe

Serves 2-4


  • 3-4 smallish organic zucchini, or summer squash
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
  • dash of black pepper (optional)


  1. Trim off the top end of the zucchini, then cut in half
  2. Cut each half lengthwise into 1⁄2 inch thick strips
  3. Place zucchini in a large bowl with olive oil and salt
  4. Grill each side for 3-6 minutes, until zucchini is tender with pretty grill marks on each side
  5. Serve

Grilled Zucchini or Summer Squash

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