Leptin: The hormone that controls weight gain


#1 – What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain to burn fat for energy.  Therefore, it controls your metabolism, appetite, and energy.  Leptin is also in charge of many other hormones and is therefore linked to many degenerative diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and even premature aging.

#2 – Is Leptin why I can’t lose weight, despite how much I exercise?

Yes!  Your body can only burn 2 things for energy – sugar or fat.  If your Leptin is out of balance, you will be locked in sugar-burning mode and not able to utilize your fat stores.  You can exercise and diet daily, but the fat will not come off despite your best efforts.

#3 – Why do I have uncontrollable cravings?

When you are a sugar-burner and not able to use fat for energy, your body must somehow get sugar for energy.  It is left with 2 choices – break down your muscle into sugar, or give you a craving you can’t resist.  Because your body knows how to survive, it will give you uncontrollable cravings rather than cannibalize itself.

#4 – What causes Leptin to go out of balance?

Two things – eating the standard North American diet, and toxins.  Toxins destroy the receptors to this hormone in your brain, and now your brain cannot hear Leptin’s message to burn fat.  Similar to Type II Diabetes, you have plenty of Insulin, however the receptors are burned out and therefore the message from Insulin to bring sugar into the cell cannot be heard.

#5 – Can I balance my Leptin and become a fat-burner?

Yes!  Our Advanced Nutrition Plan was designed to do just that, and there are only 5 simple rules to follow.

#6 – Is this diet for everybody?

No!  I don’t believe there is one diet for everyone.  That is why we have 5 factors and tests to customize which diet is best for you. Pinterest_Leptin_The-Hormone-that-controls-weight-gain