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Local Healthy and Organic Menu Options in London, Ontario

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice lunch or a fun night out with friends or a significant other? Going out and having a good time while also finding healthy menu options can be a daunting task. Thankfully, as London keeps growing in size, so do the number of local restaurants that offer memorable ambience and great local, organic healthy food options for everyone! Here is a list of different local London restaurants with original, healthy menu options for everyone.

The Root Cellar

The Root Cellar has become a staple in London’s restaurant scene — particularly mine! They offer only locally produced foods and contribute to building our community by supporting local farms and food producers. The Root Cellar is proudly a part of the Forest City Worker Co-operative and they are also closely aligned with On The Move Organics and London Brewing Co-operative. Located in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Old East Village, The Root Cellar has an array of menu items from delicious organic salads and bowls to a giant vegan enchilada. The Root Cellar guarantees that all produce is organic and locally sourced and all meat is pasture-raised and hormone-free. This entire menu is filled with delicious, healthy options. It’s also a great spot to grab an organic tea that you won’t find anywhere else or a latte or cappuccino made with the Root Cellar’s home-made cashew milk.


Copper Branch

Copper Branch is a newer restaurant to the London community and offers a 100% plant-based power foods, intended to energize you and support your immune system year-round.  Although Copper Branch is one of the largest vegan chain restaurants in Canada, they pride themselves in delivering nothing but the best power foods from local communities. Their mission is providing nourishing food that’s also environmentally friendly. Their menu offers something for anyone that walks through the door. Some of their most popular menu items include black bean or beet base burgers, smoked Tempeh sandwiches, all-day breakfast, and of course, organic coffees, teas, and all-natural beverages.


Plant Matter Kitchen

With multiple Plant Matter restaurants in London including Wortley Village and downtown, “PMK” has created their own fresh take on a healthy, wholesome menu. Plant Matter Kitchen is trying to make the world a better place, one bite at a time by blending global flavours with local ingredients. Now that Wortley’s Plant Matter Kitchen restaurant has expanded with Plant Matter Bistro and Plant Matter Cafe, you can take your pick of which style of eclectic healthy, plant-based menu items you want to try out. The dinner ambience is great — but, if you’re just looking for a quick something to hold you over, check out the Power Smoothie — it’s my fave.

Rebel Remedy

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side — perhaps simple coffee or espresso drinks with health-conscious cafe fare — check out Rebel Remedy. Located in downtown London, this fresh cafe offers a variety of healthy menu items that are suitable for many different food preferences and diets including plant-based, paleo, and keto. The Holistic Nutritionists who operate Rebel Remedy really know their stuff. Rebel Remedy uses 100% organic produce for their menu items including their famous cold-pressed juice. They’re also an active member of the community and often sponsors or participates in local community events. The menu changes seasonally, and I believe this reflects how many of us really should eat! The only drawback is that I’ll get “hooked” on one of Rebel Remedy’s salads right before the menu changes. But — their bone broth is served year-round! If you’re into healthy eating, you must check out Rebel Remedy for breakfast, lunch, or take-out.


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