JaydancingJaydancin is a rapidly-growing, local Canadian company which carries a line of eco-friendly personal care products and make-up, inspired by clients from all over the world who want pure, clean, and effective products.

Jaydancin believes that organic make-up and skin care is an affordable necessity – not a luxury. Their products include the famous Healing Cream, used for eczema, psoriasis, acne and a variety of skin conditions, and their popular soaps and organic mineral makeup.

All products are created, formulated and produced onsite in Sparta, Ontario. Every product is made with ingredients from the earth, such as roots, plants, minerals and clays. There are absolutely no chemicals or synthetics used in any products.

We thank Vickie Balazs, founder and director of Jaydancin Inc., for her company’s support of our seminars since 2010. Like Maximized Living, Jaydancin strives to make a profound and meaningful difference in people’s lives.

To learn more about Jaydancin’s products, visit their store or website:


2454 Main Street
Lambeth, Ontario

Telephone: 519-203-1333
Email: info@jaydancin.com