Good Stewards Have a Plan

KateThompsonKate passionately teaches about how money works – both for and against you. It is her desire to show you how to live within your means. Making wise spending decisions and being an exponential saver and giver of your talents, efforts and your money is essential to living life well.

Planning evolves with priorities. Developing a clear understanding of what your goals are enables you to know what steps to take to achieve those goals. Together, we will find ways to alleviate risks and build margin. This process will take trust, time and relationship.

Kate Thompson is a Certified Financial Planner who has been told that she helps “give peace so I can sleep at night” and that her clients “feel better knowing that they have a plan that is customized to their financial goals.”

Kate applies the principles of Maximized Living in her own life and has been a supporter of Maximized Living and our Seminars since 2007.

To contact Kate Thompson:
Telephone: 519 680-3111
Mobile: 226 268-5431
Fax: 519 685-2931