At my first Maximized Living seminar, I realized I was a “sugar burner” and my body had forgotten how to burn fat. The seminar also helped me understand why I had these ongoing struggles in losing weight, plus feelings of exhaustion and anxiety.

When I started the Nutrition Plan, I actually felt more tired than I ever had before, as I started to detox, naturally! But by week 2, I had energy. I noticed I was walking faster and didn’t have the feeling of needing to push myself to do anything. My weight started dropping. After about three weeks, I realized my feelings of anxiety had gone away.

After 10 weeks on the plan, I’d lost 20 pounds. I’m also thrilled that after 30 years of suffering, my migraines have been almost eliminated.

This is an easier way of eating or any other program I have tried. I think other weight programs actually contributed to my weight loss struggles, as they were confusing, and I was doing and eating the wrong things. Maximized Living is a new lifestyle for me – a better way of taking care of myself.

Maximized Living