This plan is for everyone.  The three core nutrition principles are the foundation for the Nutrition Plans, regardless of age, gender, genetic background, or medical history.  Following this plan results in healthy, thriving families.

The 3 Principles of the Core Plan

Fat – Healthy Fats vs. Damaged Fats:  Eat more healthy fats and eliminate all damaged fats.

Protein – Naturally Raised vs. Unnaturally Raised Animals:  Go organic and natural for all animal products.

Carbohydrates – Whole Carbohydrates vs. Refined Carbohydrates:  Eat more vegetables, and eliminate refined grains & sugars.


  • Plant-based Fats & Proteins
    • Nuts & seeds
      • Almonds, Cashews, Flaxseeds, Hemp Seeds, Pecans, Pine Nuts, Macadamia, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower, Walnuts, Quinoa
    • Raw nut and seed butters
      • Almond butter, macadamia butter, raw tahini
    • Olives & avocados
    • Coconut products
      • Milk, oil, butter, flakes, flesh, flour, spreads
    • Oils
      • Acceptable for Heat, but do not let smoke: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil
      • Do Not Heat: Walnut, Flaxseed, Avocado, Cod Liver Oil, Hemp Seed Oil
    • Fermented Soy Products
      • Miso, Tempeh, Tamari
    • Animal proteins – from naturally-raised animals only
      • Grass Fed Beef
      • Fish
        • Cold water fish: salmon, mahi-mahi, mackerel, halibut
        • Smaller fish: sardines, anchovies
    • Eggs
    • Dairy Products
      • Full fat, organic diary is a bare minimum. Non-homogenized is even better. Non-pasteurized (raw) and/or A2 milk is best, if available.
      • Full Fat Raw Milk, Full Fat Plain Yogurt, Butter (preferably raw), Ghee (Clarified Butter), Cream, Raw Cheeses, Kefir
  • Carbohydrates – Avoid pesticides and GMO crops.
    • High-Fiber / Low-Sugar Carbohydrates – High in fiber, these are always your best carbohydrate choices, any time of the day.
      • Vegetables
        • Arugula, Asparagus, Bamboo Shoots, Bean Sprouts, Bell Peppers (red, yellow, green), Broad beans, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cassava, Cauliflower, Chives, Celery, Chayote Fruit, Chicory, Coriander, Collard greens, Cucumber, Eggplant, Endive, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger Root, Green Beans, Hearts of Palm, Jicama (raw), Jalapeno Peppers, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Parsley, Mustard Greens, Onions, Radishes, Radicchio, Snap Beans, Snow Peas, Shallots, Spinach, Spaghetti Squash, Summer Squash, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Turnip Greens, Watercress, Zucchini
      • Fruits
        • Berries (blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, elderberries, gooseberries, loganberries, raspberries, strawberries), Limes, Granny Smith Apples
    • Moderate-Fiber / Moderate-Sugar Carbohydrates – Reduce consumption of these carbohydrates after lunch. Completely eliminate these carbohydrates after lunch if weight loss is a concern.
      • Vegetables
        • Leeks, Lima Beans, Okra, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato or Yam, Turnip, Legumes, Artichokes, Squash (Acorn, butternut, winter), Pumpkin, Sweet Potato or Yam, Turnip, Adzuki Beans, Black Beans, Chick Peas (garbanzo), Cowpeas, French Beans, Great Northern Beans, Kidney Beans, Lentils, Mung Beans, Navy Beans, Pinto Beans, Split Peas, White Beans, Yellow Beans
      • Grains – Avoid gluten, processed and GMO grains.
        • Barley, Brown Rice, Buckwheat (kasha), Bulgar (tabouli), Millet, Rye, Steel Cut Oats, Semolina, Tapioca, Whole Grain Breads, Ezekiel 4:9® Bread, 100% Whole Grain Cooked Cereals & Crackers
      • Fruits
        • Cherries, Pear, Apricot, Melons, Orange, Peach, Plum, Grapefruit, Prunes, Apples, Kiwi, Lemons, Limes, Nectarines, Tangerines, Passion Fruit, Persimmons, Pomegranates
    • Low Fiber / High Sugar Carbs – Eat these carbs only in recovery from exercise. Avoid them completely if weight loss is a concern.
      • Fruits
        • Banana, Pineapple, Grapes, Watermelon, Mango, Papaya, Dates,
      • Honey & Fruit juice
      • Vegetables and Tubers
        • Carrots, Corn, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yam, Beets

Dr. B.J. Hardick

About Dr. B.J. Hardick

Dr. B.J. Hardick is a Doctor of Chiropractic and internationally-recognized natural health author and speaker. His health journey began as a child — alternative medicine is the only medicine he has ever known. In 2009, he authored his first book, Maximized Living Nutrition Plans. In 2018, he authored his second book, Align Your Health. An energizing and passionate speaker, Dr. Hardick shares his lifestyle methods to numerous professional and public audiences every year in the United States and Canada. His teachings encompass the principles of ancestral nutrition, detoxification, functional fitness, mindfulness, and green living. Learn More