I had cardiac bypass surgery 3 ½ years ago. Of course, following that, the doctors wanted me on medications long-term. I was already on statin drugs, long before my surgery, and that continued afterwards with increased dosages. I was on Crestor and Ezetrol and the side effects included muscle pains and weakness. I work out a lot and also play a lot of golf, and when I would go out to play I would have to take a couple of Aleve or Extra Strength Tylenols just to get through the game. Then, when I’d come home and sit down for a while, I could hardly get up. I ached so much throughout my entire body. I was starting to question whether golf was worth going through this much pain.

I started with Maximized Living 9 months ago, allowing me to be healthy enough to slowly come off my medications. Today, I’m now off all them. I have not so much has had a headache since starting this process. The muscle aches had gone away within 3 weeks of getting off the pharmaceuticals. This is an incredible feeling.

The 25 lbs I have lost is the added bonus. Overall, I haven’t felt this good in 30 years.

Maximized Living