Before Maximized Living, I was obsessed with my body weight and dieting. I had done every diet on the planet: grapefruit, slim fast, cabbage soup, model’s diets, Keep Canada Slim … and anything I would read about in magazines. I had excessive exercise, bulimic and anorexic habits for 8 years. I discovered and admitted this to be a problem in my ninth year of struggling and physically tried to change my obsessive and unhealthy ways on my own with no luck. My body was relentless to heal so I continued to struggle, fall into depression, and feel hopeless. I started one diet which is eating healthier foods 6-8 times per day in order to regulate my metabolism. I recorded everyday my calorie and fat intake, making sure not to consume too much fat. I found that after 2-3 hours of not eating, I became irritated, shaky, faint, and was looking at the clock every 15 minutes to see when I could have my next snack. This became a new obsession, and it did not change my late night binging and purging habits. I gained 22 pounds on this diet and fell into a deeper and much secretive depression.

I attended my first Maximized Living seminar by a total fluke … I had no idea what the seminar was about but was willing to hear about yet another diet. The seminar brought me to tears, as I knew in my heart it was the key to solving my issues. It was so easy for me to understand. It was simple to implement the Advanced Nutrition Plan on the following Monday. I immediately became aware of the worst toxins for me, so I switched out the easiest things right away. I also changed my exercise routines to short burst and strength training so I don’t have to waste time or stress about boring routines.

I immediately noticed a difference in my hunger levels from the first day on the Advanced Plan. That made a huge difference in my binging habits. Before Maximized Living I was binging and purging about 4-5 times per week sometimes 1-3 times a day. Once I switched to Maximized Living, I stopped purging completely. Physiologically, my brain started to stabilize. Where I was once obsessed with food, extreme exercise, and extreme weight loss, consuming 80% of my daily thoughts, always stressing, feeling guilty, and nervous about myself … all this was gone.

I am so excited about the changes that I have made, and I continuously share with people what I have learnt and am still discovering. Once I thought I was alone in all of this and that my family would never understand or care, but now I find they are making changes too just by viewing what I do. I don’t cut out fat, chocolate or other foods that most diets cut out so it doesn’t look like I am deprived. Whereas I had gained 22 pounds on my previous diet, I have lost 12 pounds healthfully through Maximized Living with minimal exercise. So much has changed in the past year that it is almost hard for me to remember the stress, anxiety, and pressure I used to feel. All this is gone through the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living.

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