For any mother reading this, you might understand the feeling of gaining the extra forty to fifty pounds with pregnancy, then working hard to lose it, only to gain it back again. I found myself cycling my weight gain and weight loss for six years as I went through four pregnancies. I used to be a slender 135 pounds, but found myself at 250 pounds, ugh! Not being able to ride bikes or go sledding with my children made me realize I had to change.

I sat in my first Maximized Living Makeover with my eyes wide open. It was the most life-changing information I ever heard. I have radically transformed my diet, and I even manage to make it to the gym four to five days a week as well. The most important transformation was not just for me but my children. Having to raise four kids sometimes leaves them with the easiest meals. Hot dogs, Kraft dinners, and Eggo waffles were popular in my household. Making “adult” meals only meant leftovers that I would eventually pick away at. However, we made the transition and, slowly but surely, the kids got used to the green things adults call “cucumbers.” The most important thing is that I am a role model for my children and thrive on watching them live a healthier lifestyle. Believe it or not, for all the skeptical mothers out there who dread the food fights they know they will have to endure with their own children during the changes that need to be made, they will come around a lot faster than you think!

UPDATE SINCE THIS VIDEO — I have lost over one hundred pounds and plan on never going back. Thank you Maximized Living for helping us transform into a maximized family.

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