My Maximized Living journey began one year ago, in January. After the Holidays, I weighed the most ever in my life at 296 lbs. I was on blood pressure medications, Norvasc, Accupril and Hydrochlorothyazide. I often suffered from gout, and I had sleep apnea, and every night I had to use a C-PAP machine to help me get a more restful sleep.

I learned about Maximized Living when my wife, Brenda noticed Dr. Hardick’s newspaper ad regarding Leptin and why people can’t lose weight. Brenda thought it would be good for us to attend the next seminar, and that single event kick-started our whole family to better health. I needed to do something because I was spiraling downward with my health and eating habits. I was a gym regular but I did not realize that it was my poor diet that was circumventing any progress from exercise.

After the seminar, we immediately emptied our house of all foods that were non-compliant with the Advanced Plan and I also began a 3 month detox through Maximized Living because I had suspicions that I was above average in my toxicity levels. I also started a care program in your office because I had some subluxation in my neck.

I noticed the benefits almost immediately, and was surprised at my success because nothing I had tried before had anywhere near the success that the Advanced plan was having. It did not fell like work or restrictive because I was still eating well, just much better than before because i was armed with the knowledge of what foods I should avoid.

To date, I have lost 56 lbs, my blood pressure is normal, and I do not need my sleep apnea machine. My energy level is much higher now and I feel great.

What my family and I have learned in the past year, will be invaluable to us for the rest of our lives. We must apply the lessons that we have benefited from every day in order to continue to maintain the level of health that we have achieved. There is still much room for me to improve so I have permanently adopted the Maximized Living essentials into my lifestyle.

I am not sure where our family would be if we had not attended the Maximized Living Makeover.


John’s wife, Brenda, has also lost weight – 30 lbs.!


Terry and Darren
Maximized Living