Maximized Living was brought to my attention by my friend, Wendy. She is a close friend and someone I have a great deal of respect for. She is honest and genuine. I called her approach “respectful persistence” in that she really wanted me to consider the ML approach and believed it would benefit me and my daughter, Sannah, but she was also aware that I was skeptical. She led by example and I saw the amazing changes in her health and vitality.

At the time I thought I was living a fairly healthy lifestyle and being a good example to Sannah. However, I did have some nagging health issues (chronic headaches, hormone imbalance, fatigue and 50 extra pound that I could not shed), and Sannah had some major health conditions (chronic and severe sinusitis and asthma).

I finally decided to attend the Maximized Living Seminar, mostly to respect Wendy’s wishes and also to check out what it may offer Sannah, as we had been asked to consider surgery and it was not an option I was willing to accept.

I attended the seminar and was impressed with the information but was still skeptical that it was a good as it sounded. It couldn’t be that simple! I bought the book and read it cover to cover several times and decided that it was worth a try. I decided to try it out on myself first to see how I responded and if there were any health concerns that I would not want to expose Sannah to.

On November 1st I made a personal commitment to the Advanced Plan for 2 months. I had already started both of us having regular adjustments, having been convinced that it could benefit both of us and that it did not pose any risk.

I stuck very closely to the Advanced Plan and within weeks I was noticing the differences in how I felt. I honestly did not have any adverse side effects. As I said in my story, I think many people (including me) are not aware of how ineffective their body is functioning until they feel how it should actually be working. Within a month I was experiencing the following changes:

  • better sleep and waking totally rested
  • more focused and clear thinking
  • hormones regulated
  • feeling completely satisfied eating much less
  • tons of energy
  • changes in my skin and hair (friends say I “glow”)
  • within the 2 months I had lost 30 pounds and to date have lost 40 (from size 16 to size 10)

I stress again that it was not the weight loss that impressed me so much as the fact that I felt like my body was working as it should and I was feeling like I was meant to feel (with no real dramatic changes in my lifestyle… just a change in my way of thinking about food and choices).

As for Sannah, I am convinced more than ever that Maximized Living can address her health concerns much more effectively and long term then any medication or surgery. I don’t say that lightly because I take my responsibility for her health very seriously. Even a few adjustments made a huge difference in Sannah’s breathing and sinus condition. I even had comments from her teacher and noticed myself that she was able to concentrate better.

I am thankful that my friend, Wendy, cared enough about me to be “respectfully persistent” and share her gift with me! Our lives have been changed forever.

Sharon before her 40 lb. weight loss:


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