Before Maximized Living, I was the heaviest I had ever been. Being a cardiac nurse, I thought I followed a decent, heart healthy diet. However, I attended my first Maximized Living seminar with friends right after Christmas, having stepped on the scale and wanting to make a change, not only my diet but my lifestyle, to become wholesome, organic, clean, and toxin free.

The seminar initially scared me to death! I felt overwhelmed and walked away feeling as though I was a terrible mother because of the foods I was feeding my children. I started out with baby steps changing only my diet initially and gradually implementing it into my family’s life.

I set a goal to lose 30 -35 pounds, which I thought was reasonable, and my weight fell off like never before! Exceeding my goals, I’ve now lost 52 pounds and feel like a million bucks!!

I had a thorough check up and my cholesterol level is perfect (which all of my friends in cardiology wanted to know). My blood pressure is perfect.

I don’t exercise a lot … but that is my goal for this year.

I’m thrilled that my family is now following healthier habits to avoid all the terrible inflammatory diseases, plus diabetes and cancers that seem to be so prevalent in our society today.


Maximized Living